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National RIM Month Recognition Expands to the City of Tulsa and Bartlesville

  • Records and Information Management (RIM) Month is celebrated internationally for the month of April to promote both the RIM profession and to highlight the impact that RIM has on agencies and business. The purpose is to emphasize the value and importance of organizing, securing, retaining and disposing records in all media formats for the efficient and effective management of any organization.
  • RIM month was first observed in 1995 as National Records and Information Management Day, through the efforts of members of the Association of Records Managers and Administrators (ARMA) U.S. Government Relations Committee. The purpose was to bring attention to the cause of passing the renewal of the U.S. Paperwork Reduction Act. Over time, the observance grew to cover a week in 1997, and a month in 2003, and now extends beyond U.S. borders to other countries.
  • ARMA Tulsa is committed to preparing our members and colleagues with the best practices, procedures and leading trends that shape the management, organization and security of information. The fiscal well-being of an agency or company greatly depends on the proper management of records and information. The Tulsa community confidently anticipates efficient services with handling of information to accomplish day-to-day business activities. The quality and effectiveness of these services are vitally dependent on the efforts and skills of records managers, administrators and records personnel. The efficiency of personnel managing records and information influences the public’s attitude and their understanding of the importance of the work performed by records professionals.
  • Your participation and support helps raise the awareness of the importance information has for each of us, and of the importance for careful management of information.

Many companies throughout the region and nation are observing RIM Month in their organizations by:

  • Having events such as lunch and learns, meet and greets, game shows
  • Distributing internal communications such as articles and posters
  • Posting on company calendars
  • Providing RIM Awareness Training
  • Shred days
  • Clean up exercises

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